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Dolphin Saves Surfer

Todd Endris was surfing with friends in Marina State Park near Monterey, California. Without any warning, he was attacked by a great white shark that was about 12 to 15 feet long. He was hit three separate times by the shark. The first time Todd was sitting on his board so the shark was unable to grab onto him. The second time the shark got its jaws around Todd and his surfboard. The skin was peeled off of his back. The third time the shark bit into his right leg, which allowed Todd to kick the shark with his left leg until the shark let loose.

A pod of bottlenose dolphins arrived and formed a circle around Todd. The dolphins miraculously kept the shark away. Todd was finally able to get to shore. One of his friends began to give him first aid. Todd ended up losing half his blood, but the tourniquet applied by his friend helped saved his life. He was transferred by helicopter to a hospital where he underwent emergency surgery...Read more

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"Truly a miracle"

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